Almost done…

Where are you in terms of completion of your online course?

I feel I have made good progress on my course, and feel like I have a good start. I feel like I will never be done though. There will always be tweaks to make, new ideas to try, things that won’t work that will need to be removed, replaced, or changed. What I have so far I feel is good, but I feel overwhelmed trying to anticipate every need or question and then trying to address it preemptively.


What do you need to complete your online course?

Details! There are many details that I have been working on–explaining projects, how to do discussions, the content link descriptions, etc.  I am not a detail person, so this part is tedious and frustrating for me. I am much better at the big picture, the overview of the course was easier. I also need some motivation. I have been experiencing some frustration in designing this whole course in a platform that I am not going to use. I keep thinking about how I will have to do this all over in Blackboard. *sigh*







What have you learned so far about yourself during this process?

I have learned that I can be okay with not “perfect” and  not done. Sometimes it is hard for me to not become overly focused and making something perfect. When this happens I overdo it and spend too much time and energy making it “perfect.” Or I will put off or not do it because I can’t make it “perfect.” More often it is the first rather then the latter. However, Alex said, start with the basics and then build from there–don’t worry about all of the bells and whistles at the start. I also am focusing on the learning, and not so much on the grade. I feel that I have learned a tremendous amount, and I am more concerned with mastery than performance. I learn what I want to learn, what I feel is important for me in my job, and I learn it at my pace and time.






What has been the most surprising thing you have learned so far?

Giving up control and trusting students to learn. I don’t need to give them the information, just provide the opportunity for them to discover it for themselves, and trust that they will do it. Everyone says this works, I can’t wait to see it happen!


What thoughts do you have about moving from theory (social, teaching, and cognitive presence) to practice (building it all into your online course)?

Sometimes the theories that we study in our courses are not always practical to the real world, but I have found that in this course the theories are truly applicable and practical. It has been an easy to see the various ways that I can build social, teaching, and cognitive presence into my course, and the research that we have explored has provided great support for why we should. Not only has my expectation for online teaching changed, but I also am trying to apply some of these ideas to my f2f courses.  I want students to take more responsibility for their learning. I want them to learn from each other, and to discover knowledge instead of waiting for it to be fed to them. I want to build more community into my courses, so students feel that they can share and learn from others and take risks in class. I also want students to learn what they are interested in learning, or what they need to learn depending on where they are in their understanding of the content.


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